About West Coast Singers

The History and Mission of West Coast Singers

Founded in 1983, the West Coast Singers is the third oldest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight Ally, mixed chorus in the nation. In that more difficult time, the original intent was to provide a safe place for Gay men and Lesbians to come together and sing. Now, in our 35th year, our membership and musicianship have both grown. With more than 80 active singers, we believe that the West Coast Singers is one of the premier LGBTQ choruses in the world, offering the rich, full-bodied sound that can only come from a mixed chorus of voices.

Diverse voices uniting to inspire positive change. In this vision statement, it perfectly describes who we are, the LGBTQ+ Chorus of Los Angeles.

With a broader definition made clear in our mission statement: Our quality musicianship, engaging choral performances, and inclusive environment unite LGBTQ and Ally singers to celebrate diversity, inspire equality, and build a community of acceptance.

As a community chorus, we seek to embrace the wide diversity of experience from all walks of life in Los Angeles. Members of West Coast Singers are gay and straight, young and old, and from various countries, cultures and histories who have joined together because of a shared love of singing and choral music. In the process, we demonstrate a positive example of diverse elements working together in harmony. In addition, we seek to educate and facilitate mutual respect between the LGBTQ community and the community at large. We also strive to be an active and giving member of our community…performing for many social and charitable organizations.

As a community chorus, we sing to our fullest potential, making the best music that can be made. Our membership is comprised of singers with a wide range of skill levels. Some are professional musicians, while others sing simply for the joy and camaraderie that comes from being with others who are also inspired by music. The result is a group that has created choral performances of the highest possible caliber.