Hope Will Lead Me Through Another Day

West Coast Singers LGBTQ+ Chorus of Los Angeles proudly presents “Hope Will Lead Me Through Another Day,” the second of three commissioned pieces forwarding our vision: Diverse voices uniting for positive change.

After our Spring 2020 season was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that this was the perfect song to release as our first virtual performance and just in time for National Coming Out Day 2020.

Written & Arranged by Anita Cracauer for West Coast Singers
Music Orchestrated, Produced, & Mixed by B.A. Carroll
Video Produced & Edited by Elaine Walrath

Our three commissioned pieces were made possible by the generous donations of our Chorus Angels:

Alan Frith-Smith
Arsenia Bulacan
Cass & Elaine Walrath
Debra Richardson Avery
Dennis & Sharyn Sekine
Don Carlson
Jane Hjellum & Dr Leila Afshar
Jenifer Steiner
Jeremy Ingram
Joey Molina
Kim Olpin
Linda Cory Allen & John McCarthy
Liz & Margie Mullen
Margaret Seuffert
Nancy Cueva
Nancy Molina
Nancy Severinsen
Nancy Traina
Robert Benitez & Dana Fate
Robin Underwood & Rebecca Reick
Sanie Andres
Sharon Webster
Sheila Purdy
Terri England

“Find Your Courage,” our first commissioned piece, premiered during our December 2019 Holiday Concert. We hope to release a virtual performance of that song and our final commissioned piece Spring 2021.